Ultra Clean Diesel

REG Ultra Clean Diesel

The latest innovation in renewable fuel is a blend of biodiesel and renewable diesel that creates one of the lowest carbon intensity liquid fuels available. REG Ultra Clean Diesel delivers benefits in the areas of:

  • Emissions The best of both fuels’ emission profiles combine to significantly reduce total hydrocarbon, particulate matter, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides (NOx).

  • Performance — Higher Cetane for better performance, lubricity for increased engine life plus lower aromatics and excellent Cloud Point.

  • Ease of use — Easy to use, store and handle without any changes to a petroleum diesel storage infrastructure.

  • Supply — With renewable diesel demand outpacing supply, blending in biodiesel can help stretch renewable diesel allocations while still offering an extensively renewable product.

REG Ultra Clean Diesel is California Air Resources Board-approved. To learn more about this breakthrough fuel, download this white paper or fact sheet, or contact your REG representative.

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